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Brandon Encinas

Today we drove into Paris and finally had some leisure time.  I went into the Notre Dame Cathedral and it was amazing!  There is so much history here in France.  Then I walked for over an hour to get to the Eiffel Tower from there.  On my way I walked past a lot of little shops and tents where they were selling souvenirs.  About half way to the Eiffel Tower I stopped at this tent that was selling old Paris newspapers and vintage magazines.  Then I spotted a piece of music and I just had to buy it.  I didn't realize until later how old it was. It was printed in France in 1912.  So this piece of music I now have in my possession is over 100 years old!!! I held it thinking how many hands it must have went through.  How many violinists have used this music to learn this particular concerto? And how did it end up at that tent on the streets of Paris? It's a mystery to me, but I'm excited to have my own little piece of France to bring back home with me.  I can't wait to begin playing it! 




Here is a short biography of the composer I found.


Alfredo D’Ambrosio was born in Naples June 13, 1871. He died in Nice, December 29, 1914. After studying composition with Enrico Bossi at the Conservatory of Naples, he went to Madrid, where he worked violin with Pablo de Sarasate. He continued his violin studies in London with Wilhelmj August, then moved to Nice, where he devoted himself to teaching his instrument, the violin. He wrote an opera Pia de Tolomei, “a ballet Ersilia”, a string quintet, string quartet and two violin concertos (1904 and 1913) and numerous concert pieces for violin (“Romanza” ,“Canzonetta”).