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11037 Hartsook Street
Los Angeles, CA, 91601
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Brandon Encinas



Today we drove into Montélimar where we had our second concert. No body really knew where all of the equipment was and everyone was still really out of it from the night before, so it took forever to set up.  Once everything was set and we had a rehearsal, the concert was a blast. It was amazing to see all those people there. The cool thing was that there were some young people there who had been asked to be a part of Soli Deo, which is a group started by a former Celebrant.  They were asked to be a part of the group this summer but made other excuses why they could not join.  The funny thing was that our synth player gave a testimony at this concert and talked about how God called her to leave everything behind to come on the road and serve Him as a missionary. The two young people realized how much courage she had and were inspired.  


Just before the concert.